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Lighthouse is a centre for wellbeing, study of mind and arts in therapy. The centre was founded by Zill Botadkar a Counsellor and an Arts Based Therapy Practitioner and Educator with the aim of holistic wellbeing for all. 

Lighthouse is intended to be a place where individuals are free to explore themselves in a non-judgemental, non-demanding atmosphere and examine their emotional needs, blocks and solutions to their difficulties. We believe in dealing with perspectives not just problems. 

We are an eclectic range of Counsellors and Therapists from solution oriented to holistic meditative approaches depending on what the need of the individual is. 

We see counselling and therapy as a process that develops positive coping skills and leads to long term happier states of being. Our services are tailor made to fit every clients unique needs and challenges.

I hope this website helps you get to know Lighthouse. Every person who walks through our doors is treated with compassion, respect, and empathy. I believe that people can get better, if given the right tools and support. At Lighthouse we believe in a collaborative process undertaken between you and a therapist, designed to empower you to accomplish mental health and wellness goals. We provide services to individuals and groups and families. For therapy and counselling to be most effective, it is important that you take an active role in the process.


When I founded Lighthouse in 2002, I had no idea it would take me only a year to make my vision a reality and expand into the centre we have today. I have had the privilege of leading a group of dedicated and ethical colleagues who are committed to providing the highest standard of quality integrated mental and therapeutic care  through our integrated approaches. 


Calm Lake


Life has changed for the better for both kids and me after starting ABT with Zill Botadkar at Lighthouse. It's a form of therapy that makes kids feel they are going for a fun filled session without really feeling being treated for a problem.


- Parent

A fabulous space for therapy and wellbeing . Highly recommended. Zill is a fantastic therapist and a counselor. The energy and the vibe , coupled with a high sense of accountability makes for an unbeatable experience.


- Shaloo Sharma, Founder Director Evoluer

Led by a passionate and experienced specialist with a deep appreciation for individual children's learning needs, Zill with ABT is a great combination. As an educator, watching ABT impact children in different ways but with progression as a reward supports the cause tremendously. A wonderful addition for an educator seeking differentiation as a strategy! Zill's been fantastic with a pioneering approach.


- Fatima Agarkar, Co-Founder KA EduAssociates


ABT peels emotional layers from wishing.


- AJ

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Customised games for children with different abilities


Guiding you through creating pathways for better communication and healing


We collaborate with organisations to conduct workshops that are projects to thrive

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