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Pradnya Smriti - Remembering the Wisdom


This is an organisational outreach and preventive health program. The module is based on Wisdom Based Mindfulness.

We use different art forms to conduct this module. Its more interactive and through simple games, videos, books and practical hands on activities, learning takes place. Its more about creating insights and seeing within.


We are open to come share this program with any group; can be from the corporate, women's groups, teenagers and in academia( college/university) as a course. It is an 8 sessions program, but can be tailor made to the need of the group or organisation.

Our intent is to help develop the practice of Compassion, Mindfulness and Wisdom into daily life. 


The sessions focus on:

  • Practical methods to cultivate virtues like Generosity, Discipline, Patience, Diligence, Meditation and Wisdom.

  • Understanding errors in perceptions and destructive emotions by awareness of our own patterns and behaviors and letting go of those that prevent us being compassionate.

  • Practicing mindfulness from the perspective of Indian Mind Traditions.


We have deep gratitude towards our Teachers who have spent years studying these complex topics and now have made it simple for us to understand. 

Deep gratitude to WCCL Foundation for always guiding us 











Offering online sessions

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